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Fixing the OT/SO problem

Lloyd Barrett, Bay Roberts, Nfld.

Here is one man’s solution to solve the overtime/shootout problem in the NHL. 

First we need to get back to the basics. Return to the two-point thing, but this time you either win or lose. Two points for a win, zero points for a loss (of any kind).

There are many who are worried about taxing the resources and energy of high impact players if overtimes are extended while others worry that if the shootout is removed novice fans would lose interest.

Here’s how we help everyone:

1.    During the last five minutes of every game go to four skaters on four skaters.  The game would not be stopped at the 15 minute mark, but would be allowed to flow until the first whistle after the 15 minute mark.

2.    If a game is undecided after regulation, go to five minutes of three-on-three overtime. First goal wins.

3.    If, after overtime, there remains no winner, go to a shootout, but this time with a variation. Each team would be awarded one shot each ( to be repeated if necessary), until a winner is decided.

The excitement remains, players are not taxed, new fans remain happy and that nuisance third point is eliminated.

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