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Another lockout would be death of NHL

Steven Ellis, Oakville, Ont.

The 1994-95 season frustrated many fans. It was the first time the NHL had a lockout. But that lasted only half the season. Fast forward to 2004-05. The second NHL lockout in 10 years takes place.

By then, many fans had it. Fans were lost. But the NHL brought in a new CBA to make the game better. But it has only made more problems.

There is talk the NHL will have another lockout in 2012. Give me a break. That's the year people say the world will end. It would also be the end of the hockey world.

The ’04-05 lockout hurt everyone connected to the NHL: The players, the teams, the league and us fans. What can possibly be gained from another lost season?

The answer is nothing.

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