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Turning in my Montreal membership

Ted Clair, Kingston, Ont.

To the management team of the Montreal Canadiens: Please accept my resignation of my fanhood of this the most storied franchise in the NHL history, my 30-plus years of loyal service has had it's moments where I was left scratching my head, but I was always able to rationalize these moves.

For example: Chelios for Savard. Chelios was great but Denis is going to shoot out the lights!

But I can't sit back any longer and see what is going on in Montreal - I can no longer be grouped with the worst fans in the NHL. I can't sit back any longer and be associated with a group of people who boo a 23-year-old goalie off the ice during a three-star performance. I can't listen to a group tear down a person that they built up because they all drank the Kool-Aid that Carey Price was the next Ken Dryden.

Effective immediately, I am donning the Blue and White of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I simply can no longer enjoy the development of a kid who could turn out to be as good as Ed Belfour. I can't watch solid prospects like P.K. Subban become potential star players, I can't stand to watch pests like Maxime Lapierre develop their game in the style of Ken Linesman or Claude Lemieux. And God help me if I see Mike Cammalleri score another goal. I loathe the notion that Scott Gomez might make some nifty cross-ice passes to his buddy Brian Gionta, or that they could rediscover that chemistry with Benoit Pouliot...it makes me sick that the Canadiens management managed to put together a team that made a run to the final four!

Then again...maybe we don't have it that bad...let's just stand behind our team...Pierre, can I pay my union dues again?

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