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Keep hockey and politics separate

Jean-Francois Goyette, Montreal

Recently, some members of the Parti Quebecois blamed the Montreal Canadiens of not having enough French speaking or francophone players.

These same members accused the Montreal Canadiens of being a tool for federalist propaganda, as the team has only three French-speaking players (Maxim Lapierre, Mathieu Darche and Benoit Pouliot).

How is having Russians, Swedes or American players on your team a means of federalist propaganda?

Even if the language issue is a sensitive and important one for much the Quebec, the sentiment of the Parti Quebecois is not supported by the people of Quebec.

It would be great to have more French-speaking players, but Habs fans want a winning team, no matter the cost.

Hockey and politics should never be mixed up together as hockey is the sport of every Canadian. No matter what language they speak.

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