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Drop the puck-drop changes

Greg Walker, Oakville Ont.

As a hockey fan, I understand the importance of making minor tweaks to the rules in order to improve the product on the ice.

However, when I saw that the NHL is testing a new faceoff style at this year's R&D camp I was surprised.

Instead of the traditional faceoff style where the puck is dropped by the referee, this style has the puck on the faceoff dot and the ref simply blows the whistle.

The reason to consider this change in format is to have faceoff's won "cleaner" and to increase offence.

I never thought the NHL or its GMs would ever even consider to change the "puck drop" as it is an iconic and very traditional part of hockey.

It's unfortunate that the NHL will go to any lengths to add a bit more offence into the game, even if it means changing a format that has been around for hundreds of years.

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