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Don't blame the cap, blame the GM

James Neeson, Toronto

Everyone needs to stop whining about the salary cap.

It's been around for several years now and every team has to comply with the cap.

The cap doesn't dismantle good teams, bad contracts by incompetent GMs do.

The salary cap isn't the reason the Hawks are shipping off their depth players (and let's be serious, they are only depth players with the exception of Kris Versteeg, maybe), it's that Dale Tallon over-paid for both Campbell and Huet, and screwed up royally last year by being late to file the qualifying offers to guys like Versteeg and Cam Barker.

The cap isn't to blame for Tallon being absent minded or getting caught up in the free agent frenzy and over-paying for players, Tallon is to blame.

Fans and media alike need to stop blaming the cap for teams being forced to move players and start to point fingers at the people truly responsible for those players being shipped off: management and, in some cases, ownership.

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