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Don't kick Flyers while they're down

Cassie Cerra, Peckville, Pa.

The Flyers improbable run that started with the very last game of the regular season did not end the way they dreamed, but it was still an incredible two months of gritty, determined Flyers hockey.

The whole year they battled injuries, played musical goalies, dealt with the Philadelphia media and still somehow made it to the Stanley Cup final.

And how does THN choose to recognize their playoff run? By giving their goaltending a "minus" under a subheader titled "The Flyer Failing" in your Stanley Cup issue.

Never mind overcoming an 0-3 deficit versus Boston to make history. Forget about guys like Jeff Carter and Ian Laperriere returning to the lineup early from injury (after all, it was just a brain contusion). And I can barely remember Peter Laviolette's top-notch coaching just two weeks later.

While Brian Boucher and Michael Leighton played some of their best hockey, Flyers fans would agree there are improvements that need to be made in the goaltending department. Flyers fans may be passionate, intimidating and borderline insane, but we aren't stupid.

Whoever thought last week's Plus/Minus was groundbreaking investigative journalism was sorely mistaken.

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