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Don't glorify the goons

Chuck Middleton, Holland Landing, Ont.

I can't believe that a classy and well respected publication like The Hockey News would stoop to such a level to have Matt Cooke appear on the front cover of your May 24 edition.

I have been a faithful reader of your magazine for many years and actually only recently signed up for a subscription so that I don't miss an issue.

Well, because of my subscription, I got the May issue, otherwise I would never have purchased the newsstand copy with that jerk pictured on the front.

By sticking his ugly mug on the front of your magazine, you are feeding his ego, telling other goon-type players that they too can be famous; not for being a good and respected hockey player, but for taking cheap shots and blind-siding players from other teams.

Come on guys, you have much more class than that.

You can't be that desperate to sell magazines that you have to go for sensationalism like this.

Before you know it you will be changing your name to the National "Hockey" Enquirer. Don't glorify the goons, who get away with murder (or almost anyway), there are so many great stories about great players doing great things, both on and off the ice.

Don't bury them deep in the magazine; stick them on the cover and keep your good name as an authority in and around the hockey arenas everywhere.

Thanks for allowing me to vent and let you know how much I disapprove of goons in sports, but especially in hockey.

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