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Give Howe some hardware

Bernard J. Bisson, Centennial, Wyo.

I would imagine the argument as to who is the all time greatest player will not be settled in my lifetime (I'm 75 years old).

Given that maturity, I have seen Gordie Howe play as a young man and I've seen Wayne Gretzky.

For my money, and as a minor player/coach for about 70 of those years, Gordie is the man.

I read an article recently lauding the so-called "Great One" and suggesting and new trophy be named after him.

That's fine, but not until the truly great one get's his.

Rocket Richard got his name on an award for top goal-scorer and the Vezina Trophy is named for a great goaltender.

Surely you can dream up something for Gordie Howe, the man who truly was "Mr. Hockey."

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