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Alfie no angel

Andrew Oliver, La Crescenta, Calif.

As a Ducks fans, I was a little intrigued at the recent cover story in the April 26 issue all about the class of Daniel Alfredsson.

While I don't argue the fact that he is a good leader, overall good person, and not only a Swedish, but also a Canadian icon, I think one thing needs to be remembered: Alfredsson took a shot at Ducks captain Scott Niedermayer during the 2007 Stanley Cups final.

And by a shot, I mean a literal shot.

As the horn for the period ended, Alfredsson lined up the puck and fired it straight at Niedermayer. Class act? I'd say class-less.

If you're going to praise someone for having such a sparkling reputation, make sure you find and clean up the spots first.

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