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Flopping Luongo too much to take

Andrew Marett, Vancouver

As a fan of the Vancouver Canucks, it is extremely hard to watch Roberto Luongo represent us sometimes.

He is a tremendous talent and Vancouver fans owe him greatly for the big saves he usually comes up with, but I find it difficult to stomach the theatrics he often displays.

If he is even grazed by an opposing player, he dives or flops over to attempt to draw a penalty. While the save he made on Ryan Smyth in Game 6 of Round 1 against the Los Angeles Kings was impressive, the leg flipping after it was a little dramatic and unnecessary.

I understand goalies can be prone to being eccentric, but I worry that Luongo is too inside his own head sometimes and needs to just play the game.

We are forever indebted to him for helping bring Olympic gold back to Canada, but I don't believe it is the Canadian way to exhibit diving or dramatic theatrics in the hockey rink.

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