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Starting season earlier would be good for media coverage

Kevin Cave, Victoria, B.C.

Gone are the days of NHL hockey on ESPN, I get that. But what the NHL doesn't seem to get is just how huge ESPN is for sports in the U.S.

If the league ever wants to get their share of the sports fans in the U.S., they need at least an honorable mention on all the sports outlets, including ESPN.

This is particularly important come playoff time, but is made that much more difficult with the overlap of the NBA playoffs and the beginning of the MLB season.

The only solution I can see would be to start the season one month earlier.

Currently the NHL gets about a week of playoff mentions before the NBA takes over. But if the NHL was the only playoff ticket in town for 5-6 weeks, that would boost the interest.

They would even get a slight jump on the NFL in the fall, which couldn't hurt in garnering a few sports hungry fans at that time of year.

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