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Helm's little gesture makes one fan's day

Maureen Whitehead, Stratford, Ont.

My husband and I took our son, Jack, to the L.A.-Detroit game on Jan. 23, 2010 for his seventh birthday.

Despite being raised in Stratford by Leaf lovers, Jack has always loved the Red Wings. He was thrilled to get to see his team live, in Detroit, and excitedly stood at the glass during the warmup.

There were many kids, and some adults, lining the rink watching the players. During the warmup, Darren Helm skated over, pointed at Jack, and tossed a puck over to him.

You can imagine the surprise and excitement.

The Red Wings lost the game, but the night was a big win for us, thanks to Mr. Helm.

This may not seem like a big enough deal to write about, but it is.

Small gestures like these mean the world to fans and especially to children.

I will always be a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, but Darren Helm is now my favorite NHL player because he took a few seconds and did something that my son will remember forever.

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