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Canada more than just Crosby

Joe Greenbriar, Philadelphia

I understand that it is a monumental event for all Canadians that their national hockey team won the gold medal and that Sidney Crosby is the player who scored the game-winning goal. But I believe that NBC, the hockey media and the NHL marketing machine is doing the game and many of its fans and players a disservice with its breathless hyperbolic commentary about the "legend" of Crosby and his status as the "21st Century Wayne Gretzky."

Is this the same player who has led the NHL in scoring once in his career, as compared to Gretzky who had done it three times (by ridiculous margins) at the same point in his career?

Is this player even the best player on his team (Evgeni Malkin) or in the Eastern Conference (Alex Ovechkin)?

I realize the NHL is trying to market its "star" players as aggressively as possible in the hopes of making the sport "mainstream," but let's hope the league doesn't alienate its existing fans with its overblown focus on players with very good offensive skills.

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