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Take care of fans first

George Belbusti, Orange, Ct.

I just watched Gary Bettman get interviewed on NBC and when asked if the NHL would return for the 2014 games in Sochi he referred to the Nagano games and how it didn't bring in new viewership, so it might not be worth it if the fan base doesn't increase.

To me personally, it's a slap in the face that he cares more about people who aren't even hockey fans over a lifelong viewer such as myself who gets so excited over USA Olympic games that my hands literally shake during and after the games.

Hey, Mr. Bettman, how about taking care of the people who already are paying the bills once every four years.

We are the reason the NHL still exists after a year of no hockey and now you might take this away from us after we come back?

Shame on you, Mr. Bettman, for even thinking about it.

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