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Hook 'em at young age

Neil Carriere, Cornwall, Ont.

My wife bought me a subscription to your magazine for Christmas this year. 

I work at a high school and each day after lunch we have 15 minutes set aside for silent reading. 

I am lucky enough to live close to my school and go home for lunch where one of my great pleasures is to discover your magazine waiting for me in the mailbox to read during the silent reading time. 

A strange thing has happened as a result of this. 

Several students who don't really enjoy reading are now hovering around my desk asking me, "Can I borrow that when you're done, sir?" 

I have also found I can connect with a lot of the male students better now that I can read about each and every one of their favorite teams and speak about each team with some knowledge (and it is an eclectic list). 

Thanks, The Hockey News. Thanks for putting out such a great magazine even my reluctant readers enjoy.

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