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Leaving Stamkos, Carter off Team Canada a mistake

Connor Sziklasi, Oshawa, Ont.

When thinking back to the 2006 Canadian Olympic team, the main problem with the roster was the lack of youngsters.

The committee decided to pass on Sidney Crosby. Many agreed with this, but it was obvious they ended up lacking in speed.

This year, the roster looks much more promising, with smart picks based on the recent play of players.

For the most part, that is.

For reason I cannot find, Brenden Morrow and Patrice Bergeron were chosen.

It's obvious they are great players in the NHL, but if the team was chosen with youth and recent play in mind, what ever happened to players such as Steven Stamkos and Jeff Carter?

Makes no sense whatsoever, and I'm just hoping this doesn't end up going against Canada's favor and making it a decision they will regret.

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