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Don't whistle while you work

Josh Rapplean, St. Louis

While not yet a common problem, it does seem that there are more and more instances where goals are being disallowed due to the referee’s “intent” to blow the whistle.
With a “War Room” watching every game in Toronto, I think the NHL should consider letting them decide if a goal should be awarded in that instance. It would be as simple as looking at the replay and determining whether the goalie ever had control of the puck. If not, the goal should count since no whistle was blown and all of the players would assume the play was still live.
I just don’t understand how these obvious goals can be taken away any longer. It’s deflating to both the players and the fans when a goal is clearly scored, yet waved off not only because the ref lost sight of the puck, but when no whistle was blown either.

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