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NHL should gamble on Vegas expansion

Brent Supple, Irvine, Calif.

In the past 15 years the NHL has grossly expanded and relocated teams into "non-traditional” markets. 

There have been some failures; i.e. Atlanta, Phoenix, Florida just to name a few. It is also true that Canada is desperately seeking a seventh franchise and may get one if the league over-expands yet again. 

How about introducing the NHL to the bright lights of Las Vegas?

There will be the doubters: another warm market, the gambling angle and the legit question of whether Vegas, hit hard by the economy, could even support a team? 

Despite these obstacles, Vegas is the perfect spot for the NHL to go.

First, there has never been a professional sports team there and you can own the market. 

Vegas has long supported two minor league franchises and always sells out pre-season games. 

The Las Vegas Thrashers would really hit the jackpot for the NHL and the city of Las Vegas.

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