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Haydar should be on the NHL's radar

Jim Gould, Keremeos B.C.

I recently read your great story about Darren Haydar American League’s player of the decade in the Jan. 11 issue.

This is not the first time I've read about a good player being stuck in the minors, but this is really a shame.

If I were a GM, I would be looking closely at my scouting staff. I cannot understand why Haydar is still down there. Rookie of the year in 2003. MVP of the league with 122 points in 2007. 558 points in 523 games.

Atlanta tried him for 16 games and he averaged a point every two games and I would think he did that with little ice time and no PP time.

If he could score close to that average he would be in the top 25 percent of most teams scoring.

To Small? Give me a break. Playing in the AHL is no walk in the park. There are players in the NHL who could not handle the rough play down there.

This player stands out so far, not only the scouts, but several GMs should be giving their heads a shake

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