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Hot promotional idea

Ryan Cox, Regina, Sask.

If the NHL wants to sell their product to people outside of Canada, this is the best time of any.

Roughly a month after her announced engagement to Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood has just won the Female Country Artist of the Year at the People's Choice Awards. The NHL should take full advantage of this and get either the couple or just her wearing Ottawa Senators/NHL apparel in a major female magazine. Put them in an article talking about the sport, how they met or a spread that would create attention towards the.

Better yet, put them in a creative, sexy commercial that would make you watch even if it's just her in it wearing the apparel. Then plug that into a time slot on a major American TV station such as NBC or ABC. Have the commercial play during a hot TV show like Lost or CSI. (If you had it on during a Gossip Girl episode, how many young females would like to look at Fisher's face/body? I'm sure they would remember him...)

Granted, it would take a pretty penny for it to air at that time, but as they say, you gotta spend money to make money. And let's face it, sex sells.

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