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Does Ken Campbell watch the world juniors?

Kevin Johansen, Red Deer, Alta.

Ken Campbell's article "Drama Gone From Juniors" in the Dec. 28 issue, made me wonder, does Campbell watch the tournament, or go solely by the results?

Sure, the outcome has been the same the last five years, but it hasn't been a cakewalk.

I think, Jordan Eberle's goal with five seconds left to tie the semifinal against the Russians, and then winning in a shootout is pretty dramatic.

Before that, in 2008, was an overtime win against Sweden to win gold, is that boring, too?

How about the 2007 semifinal shootout against the U.S., not exciting?

I understand the rest of the hockey world may become tired of Canada always winning the world juniors, but how can you say there is no drama?

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