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League has no regard for players

Matt Burakowski, Weehawken, N.J.

The NHL can no longer claim they have any discipline or concern for their players after how they dealt with Jarkko Ruutu's head shot on Patrick Kaleta.

Ruutu had no excuse for the hit, a direct blow of his elbow to the back of Kaleta's head/neck straight into the boards.

None of the usual excuses apply to the hit (the player’s moving too fast, a sudden swerve, failure to keep a head up...) and yet this repeat offender is still on the ice.

Ruutu's plea that his shoulder made contact first are proved false on the video. The NHL's claim there was no obvious injury makes no sense, either, as the damage is to Kaleta's brain.

Is that what it's going to take to make the NHL pay attention; a player with a skull cracked wide open and grey matter pouring out?

Regardless, you know Ruutu would be sitting out if he tried that hit on Sidney Crosby.

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