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Hands up for a one-game playoff showdown

Randy Sieminski, Canton, New York

I may be in the minority, but I like the NHL point system in the standings. More teams are above .500 and the races are tight right down to the wire.

I would propose one drastic change, however. After 82 grueling regular season games, if two teams are tied for the eighth and final playoff spot, why not host a one-game tiebreaker like they do in Major League Baseball.

The entire sporting world would stop and watch.

We only get a few do-or-die NHL games (Game 7s) a year, why not have another?

Having arbitrary tiebreakers at the end of the season, like last year with Montreal and Florida, is so anti-climatic and lame. It's as if the NHL took some advice from the NCAA Football BCS committee.

Wouldn't it have been awesome last year to see the Habs and Cats play for the right to move forward? Building availability shouldn't be a problem on a Monday night in April and the extra revenue wouldn't hurt teams, either.

Let's do it this year.

As of today, Florida and Montreal are tied for the eighth playoff spot in the East.

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