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Ballard must be feeling guilt

Jordan Philbert, Que.

Keith Ballard must be the unhappiest man in the world right now after what he did to Tomas Vokoun.

The two-hander to the ear is very painful, but if he could have stopped himself he probably would have. Ballard should have found a way to keep his emotions in check, but after seeing the footage, I believe Ballard did everything he possibly could.

We all know (or at least I hope) Ballard wanted to ring his stick off the post, and not Vokoun's head. It was something of a wrong place, wrong time scenario.

Even though I am a Lightning fan, seeing Ballard do this was horrible to look at. I hope everyone has forgiven Ballard; this is the first time I have ever seen Ballard break his stick after a goal.

Hopefully we can all put this incident behind us and see both Ballard and Vokoun get back to the top of their games really soon.

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