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Bring Europe games back to North America

Jason Boguski, Roblin, Man.

I cannot understand the league’s pointless bid to play regular season games in Europe. When I saw the number of fans at the games overseas and think of the countless Canadian and U.S. markets that would give anything to hold those games where the seats would always be full, i think to myself ‘wake up!’

Bettman and the owners want the sunbelt teams to thrive and flourish in today’s market, but will not try and promote the game like they are in Europe.

Give up that pointless dream of introducing the game over there. Play these important games in markets that will appreciate it: Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Halifax, etc...it doesn't matter where you play it, it will be loud, sold out and thankful they had the chance to be a part of something that matters in the standings.

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