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What are GMs thinking?

Jon Ethier, Whitman, Mass

When the Pens defeated the Caps in the Eastern Conference final the commentators couldn't say enough about the ‘great' job Rob Scuderi did at shutting down Alex Ovechkin throughout the series.

It was the “key” to the series one commentator noted. Ovie had 14 points in seven games, including a hat trick in Game 2!

It's currently the highest point total by a player in a single playoff series in 14 years! I was left scratching my head, asking myself if I was missing something.

Now I see Scuderi signed for $13.6 million. Don't misunderstand me: I'm glad Scuderi's doing well, but I really can't figure this GM thing out.

If letting Ovie score 14 points in a series or making one lucky block on the puck is worth $13.6 million, I was wondering if Dean Lombardi might want to send a scout to my next beer league game.

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