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GMs dismiss head shots too quickly

Speechless. That was my feeling after reading some of the results of the recent GMs' meeting.

Brian Burke was asked to comment on proposed rule changes to have stiffer penalties for head shots, as put forward by the NHLPA.

His feeling: "I know players seem to think it's important, and you hear (NHLPA executive director) Paul Kelly talk about it, but in our room? No appetite."

This comment comes from the same meeting where they decided to institute a new, yearly award to recognize outstanding GMs.

Absolutely ridiculous!

When the players feel that their safety is important, the GMs need to listen.

There seems to be little evidence that punishing head shots will dramatically reduce hitting, as they claim. There is plenty of evidence, however, that concussions end careers early.

There is no point in the GMs creating a new award to congratulate themselves if there are no healthy players for them to manage.

Carl-Christian Jackson, Boston

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