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League must look at hits before someone dies

The Kronwall hit on Havlat will be debated until the 2010 playoffs.

I love a good hit, but the NHL better wise up. Sooner or later someone is going to take a good hit or bad hit and never get up off the ice.

They will carry the player off on a stretcher and next to the morgue. When that happens the NHL will have a media nightmare on their hands.

Ratings will drop and attendance will spiral down in the States because many will see us equal with mixed martial arts. Corporations will rethink their sponsorships and season ticket purchases.

The outcry will be so great the ability to grow the game may be damaged for generations.

There needs to be a summit and serious examination of equipment and the rules before the teams take the ice next year.

Otherwise we may be gathering graveside to say goodbye too soon to a player to be named later.

Frank Szewczyk, Chicago

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