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Ducks' Ryan deserves Calder respect

As much hype as Steve Mason is receiving - which is all deserved - I don't think Bobby Ryan is getting the credit he deserves.

Ryan scores big, highlight reel goals; he can pass with the best of them; he can skate; he can give and take a hit; and he is just an all-around pleasure to watch.

What a lot of people don't know is Ryan got a lot of his points while playing on the fourth line with George Parros and Co.

Much like Mason and the Jackets, without Ryan the Ducks wouldn't have sniffed the playoffs.

Now, largely because of Ryan’s play, the Ducks are one win away from knocking out the Presidents’ Trophy-winning Sharks. Bobby Ryan is my favorite player and a breath of fresh air for Ducks hockey.

Matthew Zaik, Spruce Grove, Alta.

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