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Viewers' choice?

When I first started ordering the NHL Center Ice package back in 2001, picking up the Canadian-based playoff feeds throughout the first two rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs was never a problem.

So then, why is it that ever since the lockout and beginning with the 2005-06 season, the NHL Center Ice package now only shows "select" playoff games and when they do 90 percent of the time we don't receive a Canadian feed?

To me, the American broadcasts of the NHL are vastly inferior compared to Canadian broadcasts. From top to bottom, the CBC, TSN, Rogers SportsNet and RDS are true hockey professionals and leave Versus, NBC and, yes, even ESPN from back in the day, in the dust.

When I pay my $150 for the NHL Center Ice package every September I expect to be able to choose from every broadcast option that is available. And that includes the right to watch a Canadian broadcast during the Stanley Cup playoffs instead of inferior American broadcasts.

David Zuba, Egg Harbor City, N.J.

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