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Time and score shouldn't influence suspensions

What is Colin Campbell thinking? In an time where head injuries are a major concern and ways to reduce those injuries are a constant debate, how can he publicly state that the time left in the game and the score are a factor in whether or not a head shot is suspension-worthy?

Dan Carcillo gets suspended, the next night Mike Cammalleri, in a similar situation, gets nothing for a punch to the head of Martin Havlat because of the score and time of the game…huh?

Milan Lucic gets a suspension for a cross-check to the head. The next night David Backes makes a similar hit on Henrik Sedin late in Game 3.

There was a penalty, but no word on it being upgraded to a match-penalty as Lucic's was.

Double standards are par for the course in the NHL; I long ago accepted that. But to say the reason for these examples of non-intervention is influenced by the time and score of the game is nonsense.

Were the scores and time of game taken into consideration in the Todd Bertuzzi or Marty McSorley affairs?

I would bet (and hope) the answer is no. Why should these factors be a consideration now?

Todd Shiells, Vancouver

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