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A little Jack goes a long way

I would like to thank Flyers associate coach Jack McIlhargey for making a spectacular night for my son and ensuring the Flyers have fans out west for years to come. 

I have been a fan of the Flyers for more than 30 years and go to watch them whenever they come out west, as I now live in B.C. 

I took my son to the Flyers-Canucks game in December and made it into a three-day trip as the drive is 12 hours to get to Vancouver. 

I was lucky enough to get seats right behind the Flyers bench and McIlhargey made the experience very memorable for my son by giving him one of the game pucks that came over into the Flyers bench. Then, during the game, McIlhargey would look over at my son and make faces then smile. 

My son loved it and had the time of his life.  He is now a Flyers fan for life and is saying that one day he is going to play for the team that I grew up watching. 

I would like to get to a Flyers home game next season with my son and experience them in their home building and see my son's face then. 

Thank you, Jack, for giving back to the kids and making one small Flyers fan feel welcome by the team.

Rick Drought, Mackenzie, B.C.

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