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Even without shootout help, Brodeur’s win total stacks up well against Roy

By Jordan Samery

On Tuesday night, the Devils beat the Blackhawks 3-2 and in doing so goalie Martin Brodeur passed Patrick Roy's all-time mark of 551 career victories.

Roy got there in 1029 games where Brodeur passed him in game 987. However, Brodeur has played the most recent four years of his career in a league without ties and with shootouts.

Since the NHL instituted the shootout as part of the game beginning in the 2005-06 season, no goalie has posted more wins in the format than Brodeur, who has 27 against only 14 losses.

If those games would have all ended in ties, like they did for the beginning of his career and for the entirety of Roy's, Brodeur would still be 26 wins behind Roy's totals. Consider the following:

Until he missed a significant portion of this season with an elbow injury, Brodeur had averaged slightly more than 41 wins and 72 games played the past 11 seasons.

If you factor in the 26 extra wins Brodeur would have needed had shootouts not have been implemented, based on his average, Brodeur would have had to play 45 games - according to his winning percentage - to get there, bringing his hypothetical games played total up to 1031, only two games behind the pace of Roy, who did it in 1029.

In 18 regular-season meetings between the two greats, Brodeur came out on top with a 10-8-0 record, two shutouts, a 2.06 goals-against average, and a .922 save percentage. Roy went 8-9-0 with four shutouts, a 2.34 goals-against average and a .922 save percentage. But Roy came out on top when his Colorado Avalanche beat the New Jersey Devils in a 2001 seven-game Stanley Cup final, their only meeting in the playoffs.

The one category Brodeur does have a decided edge is shutouts.

Roy finished his career with 66, whereas Marty currently has 100, only three away from tying Terry Sawchuk's once thought unbeatable record.

Brodeur has three Stanley Cups, four Vezinas, a Calder Trophy and an Olympic gold medal.

Roy has four Stanley Cups, three Vezinas, and three Conn Smythes.

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