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Who's Conn-ing whom?

Looking through the latest issue of the THN magazine, I was surprised at the last minus in your Plus/Minus section, "Conn Job?".

Normally you have negatives for something that's happened lately, or perhaps a trend, but this seems to be derogatory about a young man’s career.

It seems a bit out of place, to me, with what I normally read there. Cam Ward has lowered his goals against average and raised his save percentage by a decent margin each of his four years in the league.

He's only 25 years old, that would seem to be what's expected of a developing goalie. Looking at his rookie numbers, I wouldn't think it would be expected that he was going to dominate the game for his entire career.

On the other hand, with numbers that improve every year and a proven ability to compete at the highest level, I think he's developing into a very good goalie.

Eric Cerutti, Raleigh, N.C.

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