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Martin St-Louis

Tampa Bay's Martin St-Louis has 24 goals and 65 points this season. (Photo by Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images)

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Tampa Bay's Martin St-Louis has 24 goals and 65 points this season. (Photo by Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images)

Status: Tampa Bay Lightning right winger
HT: 5-foot-9 WT: 185 pounds

DOB: June 18, 1975 In: Laval, Que.
Hockey Inspirations:
"As a kid it was Mats Naslund and Wayne Gretzky."
Hobbies/Leisure Activities:
"Spend time with my kids; golf. That's about it. That's about all I have time for."

Nicknames: "Mats as a kid. I was small like Mats Naslund. Now it's Louie."

Favorite Movie:
"Forrest Gump."

Musical Tastes:
"Everything, U2."
Favorite TV Show:
"Seinfeld; 24."
Last Book Read:
  “Oh my gosh...Life of John Daly (My Life In and Out of the Rough).”

Early Hockey Memory:
"Freezing your ass off. I played outside as a kid, a lot of times in below zero."
First Job:
"Pool company; worked in the store (age 16)."
First Car:
"Honda Civic (black)."
Current Car:
Pre-Game Feeling:
"Relaxed. Visualize certain situations."
Favorite Meal:
"Chicken parmesan."

Favorite Breakfast Cereal:
"Frosted Flakes."

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:

Greatest Sports Moment:
"Stanley Cup (2004)."

Most Painful Moment:
"Stanley Cup run. (Why that?) Just gotta play through a lot."
Most Memorable Goal:
"Game 6, Stanley Cup final."

Favorite Uniforms:

Favorite Arena To Play:

Closest NHL Friends:
"Oh, I have a bunch. Too many to name."
Funniest Players Encountered:
"Andre Roy. (Why?) Just every day it was comedy with him."

Toughest Competitors:
"Scott Stevens. He was tough. Intimidating."

Funny Hockey Memory:
"There's not one memory. It's the every day camaraderie, jabbering with each other…laughing at you, or laughing at someone else. Every day. You have to have thick skin to be in an NHL locker room."

Last Halloween Costume:
"A pirate."

Last Vacation:
"Utah, Park City."

Favorite Players To Watch:
"Peter Forsberg. I like the World Series in baseball. I like to watch football. I like the major tournaments in golf."

Worst Injury:
"Broken leg." (he knocks on wood)
People Qualities Most Admired:

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