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Loose Change: No rhyme, no reason

Indulge me this week
Been struck by the muse
Lyrically, quite different
This take on the news

We try out some poetry
The Change, really Loose
The style reminiscent
Of a drunk Dr. Seuss

A lot, it has happened
Some scoring, some fighting
Enough with the preface
Get on to the writing

Poor Ryan O’Byrne
He caused such a rumpus
By scoring a goal
But forgetting his compass

And Mr. Luongo
His groin came unglued
Roberto’s in pain
Vancouver, you’re screwed

And Lee Stempniak
Toronto’s the place
Said “I’m here for the Cup”
And kept a straight face

And old Claude Lemieux
For sure quite the talker
Needs the fountain of youth
And a titanium walker

And poor Adam Foote
In pain, still a smiler
At least now we know
Who the hell is John Zeiler

And Hab fans, Oh Hab fans
Your bias, the story
No travesty this awful
Since someone named Rory

And old Patrick Roy
His “greatness,” it was sung
All fans can agree
He deserves to be hung

He’s coming! He’s coming!
Get excited, don’t flinch
Yeah, you want Santa Claus
But get Brian the Grinch

And poor Jason Blake
He passed; watched in awe
Straight into an elbow
Now eats with a straw

And finally, Kyle Wellwood
Who’s not one to beg
He won back his spot
Hey thanks, Jenny Craig!

Charlie Teljeur, creator of THN's hockeysockpuppettheatre, brings you Loose Change every Thursday only on thehockeynews.com. Subscribe to The Hockey News today to have Charlie's cartoon delivered to you in each issue.

Want to talk to Charlie about love, life, or Loose Change? Email him at charlieteljeur@hotmail.com

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