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NHL missed opportunity by not showing Habs festivities in America

I rushed home from work last night to turn on my Center Ice package so I could watch the opening ceremony of the Habs’ 100th season.

Much to my surprise instead of the telecast starting at 7:00, it began at 7:30. When it came on it was the NESN telecast, not TSN. Every American viewer didn't get to see the ceremony, just the game, and missed out on all the history.

Don't worry, the NESN team told us about the pre-game festivities, but we didn't get to see them. How can the NHL let this happen?

If it were the Yankees’, Cowboys’ or Lakers’ anniversary it would have been the top sports story with three hours of pre-game coverage.

Thanks NHL for missing another opportunity to keep your fans happy.

Brad Wentzel, Boyertown, Pa.

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