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Avery's return to Garden could be a loud one

In regards to the "Let’s get it on" column (Sept. 30th) Ryan Kennedy wrote one of the games of note included Sean Avery's visit to New York against the Rangers in what promises to be a jeer-filled return with a rough reception. 

I believe the Garden crowd will cheer Sean from the moment he steps on the ice during the pre-game skate through the end of the game. He was a fan favorite and there will be many No. 16 jerseys present on Oct. 20th. 

I saw Sean leave it all out on the ice last year during the playoffs. It was GM Glen Sather who didn't exactly welcome back Sean with open arms, not the other way around. It may not be as intense as the roar of "Edd-ie, "Edd-ie" heard upon Eddie Giacomin's return with Detroit or Brian Leetch's with Boston.

I will be standing silently during what I hope is John Amirante's thunderous rendition of the national anthem, but the crowd will have other ideas and the roaring for Avery may win out.

I can only imagine what it will sound like if he scores.

Kevin F. Glynn, Madison, N.J.

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