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Expansion nicknames

If the league ever expands, a revival of the Jets would be at the top of the list. (Al Bello/ALLSPORT)

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If the league ever expands, a revival of the Jets would be at the top of the list. (Al Bello/ALLSPORT)

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman splashed cool water on the possibility of expansion this week, but there’s always a chance things will change in the next decade or so.

For the sake of this top 10 list, let’s say another wave of expansion in North America and across the Atlantic Ocean brings the league to 40 teams. Sure, the on-ice talent will be watered down, but just think how much scoring would go up.

Here are 10 nicknames I’d like to see for 10 cities to consider. Just missing the top 10 were the Auckland Golden Seals and the Santiago Gulls.

10. Bratislava Gears. Slovakia’s chief export is machinery and transport equipment.

9. Oklahoma City 66’s. It was the first major stop on the original Route 66.

8. Prague Pils. No country makes a better beer.

7. Kitchener-Waterloo Black Bears. The area is rife with the little devices.

6. Moscow Freeze. Cold and intimidating

5. Kansas City Fountains.
The city claims to have the second most fountains in the world.

4. Stockholm Nordics. Quebec’s not using the moniker anymore.

3. Winnipeg Jets. The old logo would need to be spruced up.

2. Helsinki Formulas. Its players would have the best hairlines in the league.

1. Las Vegas Gamblers.
Let’s not try to fool anyone here.

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