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THN.com Blog: Missing greens, purples and igloos

A young Mike Modano sports the classic North Stars look during his days in Minnesota. (Photo by: ALLSPORT USA /Allsport)

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A young Mike Modano sports the classic North Stars look during his days in Minnesota. (Photo by: ALLSPORT USA /Allsport)

What’s more fun in the middle of summer than a discussion on the best, and worst, hockey logos?

A top 10 ranking of the designs that no longer exist, except in the deepest recesses of our minds and some obscure websites.

Here then, stolen from the pages of the upcoming THN release The Ultimate Book of Hockey Lists, are the top 10 logos we miss (and by we, I mean me).


Minnesota North Stars (1967-93)

The beauty is in the simplicity. An ‘N’ and a star, in green and gold.
Atlanta Flames (1972-80)
Sure, Calgary followed the template, but nothing beats the original flame-inside-the-letter design.
. Los Angeles Kings (1967-75)
Why is everyone so afraid to use color today? The purple-and-gold crown made an impact.
Kansas City Scouts (1974-76)
A guy, a horse and hockey. The unnatural hat trick.
Hartford Whalers (1979-97)
Distinct and straightforward. See No. 3 about color use.
Quebec Nordiques (1979-95)
The Picasso of old logos. A stick, a puck and that other thing…a mouse house? An igloo? Dan Bouchard’s five-hole?
Colorado Rockies (1976-82)
 Hmm…wonder if the second-grader who designed it is still collecting royalties?
California Golden Seals (1974-76)
 The logo says it all. Literally. Plus, it reminds us of white skates.
Cleveland Barons (1976-78)
Anything that institutes a classic, old English font is OK with The Hockey News.
New York Islanders (1996-97)
 Fishermen are scary. Make that scary funny.

“The Ultimate Book of Hockey Lists”, featuring 100 top 10 lists on all things shinny, will be available this fall at bookstores and THN.com.

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