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THN Top 10: Things players like to do in the summer

You can be sure the great one hits the links with regularity in the off-season. (Photo by Stan Badz/PGA TOUR)

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You can be sure the great one hits the links with regularity in the off-season. (Photo by Stan Badz/PGA TOUR)

Does anyone still golf? Hockey players do. A lot more than Tiger Woods these days. Some players golf virtually every day in the off-season.

Golf is easily the favorite summer activity among NHL players. Here are some of the others:

10. Drive expensive cars. Not too fast though.

9. Go to Africa. The charity organization Right To Play has escorted two players each of the past two summers to Africa for humanitarian work. It’s Zdeno Chara and Robyn Regehr this summer.

8. Play Mr. Mom.
After six to eight months of demanding work, it’s time for players to give mom a break with the kids.

7. Take the Stanley Cup home…at least for 25 lucky ones.

6. Fish. Or at least hang out near a lake with a pole and a line hanging in the water.

5. Work out. After a few weeks off to recover and rest, most players are back in the fitness room or running by early July.

4. Move. At least 100 NHLers will switch teams this off-season, either through trades or free agent signings.

3. Travel. In addition to traveling back to the off-season home, players often visit family, friends and vacation spots.

2. Cottage. No wake-up calls, no practices, no ice. Just birds, trees and water.

1. Golf. Many players are single-digit handicap golfers and what better way to enjoy the warm months and satisfy the competitive cravings.

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