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Canadians trapped themselves

When are Canadian coaches going to stop sliding into a defensive shell as soon as they get a two-goal lead?

I didn't get to the Canada-Russia gold medal game until halfway through the second period only to see attack after attack by the Russians, while the Canadians iced the puck.

With a 4-2 lead, I can only imagine how much better the first half of the hockey game was.

I'm a Habs fan and watched them blow two-goal leads too many times this season not to foresee the outcome of this game. I knew from the start of the third period the Russians were going to win gold.

Isn't the object of the game to put more pucks in the net than the other team? Why do they stop doing that after getting a two-goal lead? It makes no sense to me.

Frank Legere, Saint John, N.B.

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