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World Championship needs NHL refs

Give full credit to Russia for a brilliant World Hockey Championship. In the end, they just wanted it more and had the skill to back it up.

Unfortunately for Canada, losing at home in the final and in overtime is a bitter pill to swallow. Though what I would like to see in these tournaments are some North American officials.

I'm not just commenting on the final game, but throughout the tournament many questionable calls and non-calls were made by the referees. The linesmen also didn’t seem to know what icing really was.

The level of hockey played in this tournament is far higher than any of these officials see in Europe. The closest you can get is the NHL.

The European officials, at times, looked like they were in over their heads, so why not have some NHL officials not involved with the playoffs come to this tournament?

The level of officiating would surely get a boost.

Adam Hardy, Halifax, N.S.

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