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Not really Hockeytown

Someone explain to me why Detroit has the honor to be called Hockeytown? I don't see it.

If you are going to name a hockey town in the U.S., let it be Minnesota. Their fans are crazy!

I flipped to the Detroit-Nashville game and the fans were so quiet you could hear a pin drop. That's only because they were losing.

Then I flipped to the Colorado-Minnesota game and the fans were going crazy. Colorado was winning by one goal and even when a Minnesota player nudged into a Colorado player the fans went nuts.

The only time I saw the Red Wings fans cheer was when they tied it up, but when Nashville went ahead, quiet the fans became.

I just can't get over the Minnesota fans. The only time I couldn't hear them cheer was when Colorado was up 5-0 going into the third period.

I'm not saying the Red Wing fans should become like the Minnesota fans, I'm just saying they should step it up if they are really “Hockeytown.”

Connor Hogg, London, Ont.

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