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Size doesn't matter

I strongly agree with Adam Proteau's February 21, 2008 column in which he puts forward the argument that the ongoing debate over the size of goalie equipment is really a red herring.

Not to think that until this point I have been the lone voice of reason in an abyss of misguidance, but it's nice to see someone else echo my thoughts.

I've been saying to anyone who will listen (or at the very least, smile and nod politely), you only have to look at the goaltending stats of any recreational men's hockey league in Canada.

Much to the chagrin of goalie-wives everywhere, my beer league brethren and I wear the same size and quality of equipment as Roberto Luongo and J-S Giguere, yet amazingly, even those of us who come with a junior or Midget AAA goaltending pedigree have a heck of a time keeping our goals-against averages below 4.52.

Same gear as Luongo and twice the goals against.

Clearly, $3000 worth of Kevlar doesn't make the goalie, particularly at an elite level. The sooner the Competition Committee realizes this, the better.

Dan Kolenick, Calgary, Alta.

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