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Nonis deserves credit for not trading

I was reading the GM rankings in your April 1 issue and found Dave Nonis at No. 16, a place I felt he deserved to be.

That is, until I read the reasoning why.

Not trading Alex Edler and Ryan Kesler for Brad Richards was probably the smartest trade - or non-trade - Nonis could have made.

Edler has been Vancouver's most steady defenseman all season, logging countless minutes of mistake-free ice time. Kesler, on the other hand, plays on Vancouver’s checking line and effectively shuts down the opposing team’s top players nightly, while chipping in on the scoresheet.

Trading them would destroy the Canucks’ future and we don't need that, considering it's actually a bright future.

I think what he needs to do is re-invest the $10 million of salary cap space Naslund and Morrison leave behind this off-season into better talent.

If Nonis does this, I believe he deserves a good boost in your ratings next season for making moves when needed and standing pat when the team’s future was on the line.

Ben Chesspr, Nanoose Bay B.C.

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