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Sabres don't care, why should I?

As a long-time fan of the Buffalo Sabres, I would like to say: I can't take it anymore!

Having just sat through the TSN telecast of the Brian Campbell trade, and the subsequent interviews, I am left with a big, empty feeling in my gut. If it wasn't obvious last summer, it is now: The Sabres can never be a serious Cup contender if they keep letting go of their best players.

The best teams find a way to keep their top players happy, and the Sabres continually let these guys get away. After coming so close in recent years, this is another big step backward.

Until they show me a serious commitment to winning, I am done getting worked up over what they do on or off the ice.

If they don't care, why should I? Thank goodness spring training has started!

Mike Freeborn, London, Ont.

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