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Not all players are selfish for wanting to stay put

I was asked: "Is it selfish for a player not to waive his no-trade clause?"

That is an interesting question, and to give a one word answer of yes or no would leave a lot hanging in the air. Having said that, the one word answer is yes.

The follow up is that in the case of Mats Sundin, of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and Wade Redden, of the Ottawa Senators, it's OK to be selfish.

Sundin is captaining a team that he's been a part of since 1994. He has been one of the best Maple Leafs in the past two decades. When he arrived in Toronto, the question of his ability to play defense was thrown around. In the end, there has not been a more complete Maple Leaf in at least the past 20 years.

Wade Redden has been a Senator since he was a rookie. He did not come on to a horrible team, but he didn't come to a contender, either. Redden has paid his dues, and now he is in a more than reasonable position to win a Stanley Cup.

These two players have earned the right to be "selfish.” If teams are going to be up in arms about players not waiving these no-trade clauses, they shouldn't offer them.

Jason Zimmermann, Crossroads, Tex.

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