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THN.com Blog: Red faces for the Blue and White

David Booth knocks Ian White into the boards and the Panthers mauled the Leafs 8-0. (Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

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David Booth knocks Ian White into the boards and the Panthers mauled the Leafs 8-0. (Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

• That was one mother of an arse-whoopin’ the Florida Panthers put on the hapless Toronto Maple Leafs Tuesday night.

Particularly entertaining were the few thousand fans that obviously skipped dinner and thus were able to stick around to the game’s end at Air Canada Centre and cheer on the Panthers after every third period goal.

I’ve seen a lot of bad Leafs games, but I’ve never seen that type of display from their fans. Good on them for more-than-adequately adding to the shame that should be felt by every player and member of team ownership this morning.

Their mock cheers even inspired me to come up with a new slogan that should be appropriate as the organization heads into years of rebuilding:

The Toronto Maple Leafs: The bashin’ that unites us.

• One more note on the apocalypse now underway in Leafs Land:

After all this talk of late from the handful of big-ticket Maple Leafs with no-trade contracts professing their intent to stay in town come hell or Tie Domi, I hope we never again hear how very, very tough it is for NHLers to play in Toronto.

If it’s so difficult, gentlemen, here’s your chance to get out. And if you don’t want out, kindly pipe down from here on in about the trials and tribulations of wearing the Blue and White.

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• Congratulations to Kings president of business operations Luc Robitaille, who on Monday was named assistant GM for Canada’s national team at the 2008 IIHF World Championship.

You rarely hear Robitaille’s name mentioned in the list of great former players aiming to make their mark in management, but you should. He’s a savvy, driven, dynamic force with a work ethic that’s a mile long, and the experience he’ll get working with Canada GM Steve Yzerman can only help him round out his resume and get that much closer to a GM gig with an NHL team.

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